The Dance Studio
Policies and Procedures
These are just a few of our policies we ask
you to observe:
  • Dancers MUST wear leotards and
    tights to every class.  Shirts longer than
    the waist may not be worn.  Biker
    shorts may be worn over tights. Male
    dancers may wear warm-up pants or
  • Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes
    are needed for Recital.  Any color
    shoes may be worn in class.
  • No gum chewing or eating, neither
    during class nor in the dressing room.
  • Hair should be pulled away from
    dancer’s face.
  • PLEASE wait in the waiting room for
    your class.  No one is permitted to sit
    in the dance room or walk through
    while a class is in session, unless
    otherwise instructed.

You should call THE DANCE STUDIO
(410)248-3332 for a recorded
message after 7:00 a.m. for Saturday
students and after 3:00 p.m. for
weekday students.


No weather announcements will be
posted on this web site.

Every effort will be made to make up
the class.  This will be done on days
the Studio is not already in session.  
  • Costume money is due around the end of November.  See our RECITAL
    page for details.
  • During Recital time, a list of rules is given to each student.  These rules are
    for the safety of the dancers and are STRICTLY enforced.  See our
    RECITAL page for details.
  • Class tuition is due the first lesson of every month.  See our TUITION page
    for details.
Copyright: THE DANCE STUDIO, 2005.  All rights reserved.