The Dance Studio
Recital 2021 Information
RECITAL 2021 is tentatively scheduled for June 11 & 12 at Archbishop Curley High
School. Older student classes perform in 2 recitals, while younger student classes and
private lessons perform in one recital.  Tickets go on sale in mid May at the studio.
Costume Information
  • Costume money is due near the end of November.  
  • Costume prices are approximately $60 (this includes
    2 for 1).  
  • A notice will be sent in early November stating the
    day the money is due and the exact amount.  
  • Please be aware tights and/or fishnets may have to
    be purchased.
  • Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are needed.
  • All private lesson students must choose their
    costume before November 30.
  • Include dancer’s name in all belongings (rehearsal & recital)
  • Dancers should bring something to occupy themselves during rehearsals and
  • Do not wear jewelry during rehearsals or recital.
  • No gum during rehearsals or recital.  No nail polish.
  • Food and drink may only be consumed in the lobby.  There will be a
    scheduled snack time during rehearsals and recital.  Please no peanut butter.
  • If possible, do not wear glasses.
  • Dancers should remain in dressing rooms during the entire performance,
    INCLUDING intermission.  NO ONE is permitted backstage at anytime
    except The Dance Studio staff.
  • Dancers should stay with their classes during rehearsals and recital.
  • During recital, dancers may have drinks during their snack time; water is
  • No underwear OR bikini underwear should be worn under tights.
  • Include bobby pins, safety pins, extra tights and extra make-up with your
    child.  A smock is to be worn over costumes.
  • COSTUMES are NOT to be worn TO dress rehearsal or recital.
  • Sit with class during dress rehearsal and recital.
  • All dancers must have plain white tights.  Some classes need fishnets.
  • Pink ballet shoes – all classes – unless otherwise stated.
  • Ribbons for tap shoes will cost $1.00.  See Peggy when costumes are
    distributed (only specific classes)
  • The recital will have RESERVED SEATING.  See office for details.  Tickets
    will go on sale in May.
  • After recital, only one female with a pass will be permitted into the dressing
    room to pick up their dancer.  Saturday 9:00 and Wednesday 5:30 classes are
    to be picked up on the stage.  Please enter from the dressing room side as no
    one is allowed to come directly onto the stage through the auditorium.
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Recital Rules & Policies